So Collection 3 should get you the two sets you’re missing! This was very helpful! Workbooks. Distinguished for his relentless style of writing, action-packed and gripping stories and his trademark cowboy image, Box is a man of the outdoors, and is a rodeo enthusiast. I was so confused and this brought great clarity! I do not own the small sets (except one), but I’m pretty sure that you have it right. Since Collection 6 is pre 2? She hates readjng, but is very bright. Would you recommend introducing alphabet sounds and letter recognition practice/learning at 20 months? They start by introducing new sounds until your children can read a complete book all on their own! I would say get the first set, but it is sooooo easy that maybe he will be done with one or two word sentences in a short time. ), My First Pre-Reader Collection: Includes “Alphabet” and “Pre-Reading Skills”, Collection 1: Includes Sets “Beginning Readers” and “Advancing Beginners”, Sight Words Collection: Includes Sets “Sight Words Kindergarten” and “Sight Words First Grade”, Collection 6: Includes Sets “First Stories” and “Rhyming Words”, Collection 2: Includes Sets “Advancing Beginners and “Word Families”, Collection 3: Includes Sets “Compound Words” and “Long Vowels”, {All these Collections also include the stickers, bookmark, door hanger, and parent guide.}. You successfully shared the article. Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers (8580001039848): Bobby Lynn Maslen, ... Free 5-8 day shipping within the U.S. when you order $25.00 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Our award-winning apps! Advance your child's reading with Bob Books. Being ever resourceful, Walker swaps his truck for a motorhome (aka ‘the Love Bus’), and agrees to drive it cross-country to sleepy Englewood Florida so he can deliver a cat named Mango Bob … Which collection do you recommend starting with? month old LOVES books. The first is called A Street Cat Named Bob. The book emphasizes his plight as a man with problems, who fell to the lowest point of his life and somehow found a way back to the surface. Mango Bob (11 book series) Kindle Edition. If I remember right, the set is split, the first half of the books in one collection, the second half-life in the next collection. I went ahead and purchased the Collection. Thank you! VersaTiles. Created by a literacy expert, BOB Books feature bite-size illustrated stories that use consistency, repetition, and humor to target the needs of emerging readers. I know it’s not ideal to learn to read on a tablet, but its handy for road trips, or to try them out. […] cannot say how highly I recommend Bob Books for little readers! Born and raised in Wyoming, C.J. They refer to color words that don't match the picture on the page. I’m Elizabeth Thacker, wife to a handsome business owner, and mom to four little darlings! I have a 7 yr old in 2nd grade. She can barely read and not having been in school at the end of last year due to Covid has not helped. I’m not sure if links work in comments, but here’s the link: Does this make sense? — If they’re not interested, maybe wait a few months and try again. ), In the sets you get just the books in their mini form. This is inside of one the books from the “Pre-Reader Skills” Set. We did purchase the Pre-Reader Collection, and it was the first time I was disappointed in Bob Books. The Bob Lee series of books was initially created as a trilogy, however due to the demands of fans, Bob Lee would return for four more books 9 years after the original trilogy was over. Holy smokes, the ordering is confusing. That’s how the Bob Books people advertise to read through them, anyway. I didn't care for these books. I have other resources that I like better, so we discontinued using them. He usually says the sound back for me when we play this way. Bob Books: Sight Words, 1st Grade. Bob Books are back, now with a bright, unique box display and colored illustrations throughout that make learning to read even more fun! For more book and reading ideas, sign up for our Scholastic Parents newsletter. Please Note. Bargain Bundles. The second is titled The World According to Bob. With four letters in the first story, children can read a whole book. The larger size is more engaging, and the print is bigger so they are easier for little readers. Buy the selected items together. Get 10% off your first order at the Scholastic Store Online when you sign up! In the sixth book, “I, Sniper” which was published in the year 2009, the FBI enlists Bob’s assistance in the investigation of a number of prominent Vietnam War protesters in the 1960s. I also like the Collections because you are getting more value for your investment. If she has done Set 2, then Set 6 will be very easy by comparison. Your email address will not be published. Mine were different ages when they started set 1. Book Series In Order » Authors » Bob Mayer. Mine is not, although there is a message to contact them to have it added so maybe they will have it soon. You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store. This expounds on the previous book in Bob the Cat series. Stage 1: Starting to Read The bigger the better when you’re teaching kids to read. With a foundation in phonics methods, each level addresses a single stage in a child’s reading development. I see now where it is listed as Complex Words, and the box reads Compound Words. As far as I can tell, Collection 6 comes in between #1 and #2 and there is no Collection 4 or Collection 5. BOB Books are a great way to get your little ones reading in a fun and simple way. Show details. 4.8 out of 5 stars 565. Yes! This is the second book in Bob the Cat series and was initially published in 2013. This depends on how interested your daughter is. Here is a full listing of the Bob Book Original Sets: Mini Books (in progressive reading order. So basically, you are paying about the same amount per title either way, but the collections give you the nice large format, plus a nicer box to store them in plus stickers! I found a used, like new, with Prime shipping Collection for only $8! Paperback. Bob Books, written by Bobby Lynn Maslen and illustrated by John R. Maslen, are a series of children’s books designed to teach reading skills acquisition. How valuable do you think the workbooks are? Hope you got it all figured out! Did you do multiple times per day? Bob Book COLLECTIONS are a collection of TWO of the mini sets in one big box, and are much bigger in size. This book from the list of books by Bob Woodward is … I was losing my mind trying to figure it out. Order of Bob Mayer Books. Every other day? That is awesome for him to be so young and already trying to read. If you’ve never heard of Hoopla, it is an e-book app. I have a 6 year old and she is at a D-ish reading level. . Trying to figure out how much time we should be doing it. Thank for this! My 20 Being […], Your email address will not be published. Hi! But my #3 child looooved reading them, so we would often end up reading more than one when he was learning. Thanks for sharing!! Practice the skills learned in the books. I think there are a lot better books for children learning to read that make it much more enjoyable and fun than Bob Books. “Teaching your Child the Alphabet Before Kindergarten”, “Step 2: Teaching Your Child to Read Before Kindergarten”,, Step 2: Teaching Your Child to Read Before Kindergarten - The Little Years. How old were your kids when they started with set 1? It’s worth checking out, and asking your library to participate, if they don’t. What a great way to save money, getting 2 sets at a time. She really enjoys these books. We have been going over sounds and she is good at that because of songs. I also heard that Scholastic is discontinuing the COLLECTIONS (not sets) of Bob Books. BOB Books Workbooks Pack. If you’re wanting just the straight up alphabet, your little one might enjoy this puzzle by Melissa & Doug or something similar to it: We got the pre-reader collection for his 2nd birthday and he likes them (the stories with the characters more than the letter introductions), but he’s 4 now and I’d really like to start him on the main series. In Stock. Box is an American best-selling writer, author of seventeen novels and best known for his series of books, the “Joe Pickett” series. Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981-1987. If not, are neither of these available as set AND in collection? I don’t love BOB Books. Just wanted to share my Hoopla findings! So I bought Collections 1 & 2 randomly at Costco. C.J. With sets focusing on sight words, phonics, and other skills, this award-winning series is a step-by-step program to guide children through the early stages of reading. The reason I am not a fan of these is because it is teaching the alphabet using words that begin with each letter—not unlike other books I already own. The genius brainchild of a teacher, the BOB Books series is designed to help children easily build basic reading skills, without it feeling like a chore. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. It IS confusing! Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for $5.99 . Do I need them all? I highly, highly recommend using Bob Books for little readers, so I wanted to write a very clear explanation for all of you, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did when ordering these online. Thank you! If you have questions, comment and I’ll try to help out! For my oldest who wasn’t as enthused about reading, we just read 1 each day until he took off with reading. I even recommended them as a resource in my I Can Teach My Child to Read eBook with the caveat that they should be … foot apartment. On my Bob Books they list the order on the back. They are the BEST price there–but Costco does not always have them, so you just have to keep your eye out for them. Me again, I apparently subscribed to this feed. I highly, highly recommend using Bob Books for little readers, so I wanted to write a very clear explanation for all of you, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did when ordering these online. Hands-on approach to reading from hand2mind. The Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers book series by Bobby Lynn Maslen & John R. Maslen includes books Mat (Bob books), Sam (Bob Books for Beginning Readers, Set 1, Book 2), Dot (Bob books), and several more. when doing these together. What would you recommend for a 2 year old who doesn’t read yet ? Box lives with his wife Laurie and three daughters, Becky, Roxanne and Laurie, just outside of Cheyenne., We say “Aaa, aaa, apple!”, “b-b-bell”, etc. As you can see, it’s definitely not a first step to reading, but more of a preschool concepts book. I’m glad it was a help to you! See the complete Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. $15.29$15.29 $16.99$16.99. Are you joining the 5 minute challenge (most recent post)? You aren’t the first person I’ve heard of spending a lot of time looking for Collections 4&5. (see picture below. Take all the pieces out and give your child one at a time. In this set, children progress gently into the next steps of reading. Hey thanks for the heads up. I have a 27-month old. You must sign in with your local library card, but it is very popular, and I’ve found many, many libraries participate. Shelving menu I have tried to get on board. But, it all makes sense now. The individual sets are between $11-$17 each. Notice in my list that Collection 6 comes before Collection 2. Inside the box you’ll find: 12 easy-to-read books, 12 pages each. Yes, you are correct. Buy sets at a discount! Hope that helps! I grabbed mine at Costco! These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. ), Here is a full listing of what comes in the Bob Book Collections: Large-Format Books (in progressive reading order. Here’s the part that can be confusing. by Bill H Myers (Author) , Bill H. Myers (Author) From Book 1: In this first book in the Mango Bob series, Walker has just lost his job, his wife has filed for divorce, and he’s living in a tent down by the river. Inspire early reading success with these book sets, which feature short words and brilliantly simple layouts. After finishing Set 1, I thought I’d like to flip through our children’s book library to find some other books that she would be able to tackle next. Thank you so much for putting this together. Find us on social media!

. Alphabet & Reading, Product Reviews, Teaching Toddlers 38. Total price: $89.30. Millions of books have been sold in the Bob Books program thanks to its silly stories, familiar artwork, and easy–to–comprehend text. We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse, #1), For We Are Many (Bobiverse, #2), All These Worlds (Bobiverse, #3), Heaven's River (Bobiverse #4), and The Bo... Home My Books We are Legion (We are Bob) is that rare thing - a science fiction novel with both solid SF chops and a sense of humor. . Our books, the core of the Bob Books system. From looking online I think you are correct–I believe Complex Words is the same as Compound Words. He also works as a writing instructor. Bob Books Set 1: … These cards do have pictures though. What workbooks would you recommend go with the collections of not the branded ones intended? I was pulling my hair out trying to make sense of it all!! You’re right. So Set 2 (Advancing Beginners) is included in both Collections 1 & 2? If you go to “Set 4 Complex Words” on Amazon, the box actually reads “Compound Words” so they should be the same. (Prices may vary for AK and HI.) This item: Complete Set of Bob Books, Sets 1-5 (42 books) Paperback $62.00. My daughter is surprising doing pretty well with them so I am trying to figure out which other set to get her. In reference to the bob books, how long did you spend on them each reading session? I would check the Library and see what you can do. Just thought I’d let you know about a possible mistake. Receive book suggestions, reading tips, educational activities, and great deals. ; I also have FREE printables for BOB Books Rhyming Words!Click HERE or on the image above to read more about and download the printables. I’ve listed them below in order of level. I already have all the sets except #4 and #5 and would like to buy the two together as a collection if possible. They are not books that the child can “read” themselves like the other Bob Book Sets. As a side note–I would keep it special and fun by stopping before she loses interest though. bob books beginning readers set 1 & 2 Level. Did you ever use them? I don’t go by age when they are under five year olds, but look at when they show interest and when they are ready for it! They were just okay. They have every single set on there. We loved BOB books. I was confused about the differences. Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links. Thank you so much for writing this blog post! But then stop after that so she really looks forward to doing it again the next day. The Bob books are a lot like the Dick and Jane books of long ago. Are Compund Words in Collection 3, and Complex Words (set 4) the same? Below is the order of all the Bob Lee books: Publication Order of Bob Lee Swagger Books Limited sight words. Shop by Stage Pre-Readings Skills. There is a book set for any level your early reader is at, and for extra practice, you can pick out BOB Books that focus on certain topics like long vowels, sight words, or rhyming words.Â. I spent a good ten minutes digging for a collections 4-5, and apparently they don’t exist. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. They are very good. Check out this post for recommendations for your 2-year-old: So look at the library and see what he can do. I use the mini alphabet cards by abeka. Consistent new sounds are added gradually, until young readers have read books with all letters of the alphabet (except Q). I’ll take a look at that soon and edit the post! Be careful to keep it fun, and your learning times short though. You can absolutely introduce the alphabet sounds and letter recognition at 20 months if you would like to. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It’s a smaller, easier-to-drive Class B+ motorhome, with plenty of room for Mango Bob and company. Books with only two and three letter words. by Lynn Maslen Kertell and Sue Hendra | Jul 1, 2010. Sold by … I also couldn’t make sense of why the books in Collection 6 seemed easier to read than those in Collection 3. These books are written to teach kids to read, yet they can’t make the collections or order of books easy for adults to decipher! I did a little extra digging after reading your comment and this is indeed the case. Required fields are marked *. Hope that helps! (read {This Post} before ordering any though) They start at a brilliantly easy level for brand new readers. Yes, this is getting it’s own post on my blog. He is the co-founder of Cool Gus Publishing. A go-to for kids in preschool to second grade, each book in the series features a fun, simple story, as well as bright illustrations to turn your child into an avid reader. Say, “The A says “aaaa, aaa”, “The B says b-b-b-” as you hand them each piece to put in the puzzle. Hi! Add to Cart. Seems a shame there’s not a way to get the bigger versions of all books without the overlap. Came across your article and browsed it. Get it as soon as Fri, Sep 25. He is a regular writing partner with Jennifer Crusie. . Scholastic Book Clubs is the best possible partner to help you get excellent children's books into the hands of every child, to help them become successful lifelong readers and discover the joy and power of good books. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Shop BOB Books below! Don't miss the companion workbooks to the bestselling learn–to–read boxed sets! GRADE S. Pre-K - 1. Mango Blues, the latest novel in the Mango Bob… More. Best Bob the Cat Books These are the best three books contained in Bob the Cat series. The ‘Love Bus’ isn’t really a bus. In fact, these books are often the very first ones children can finish on their own! It was through a bit of trial and error that I discovered the differences between Bob Book Collections and Bob Book Sets.