Among these, ocean currents are the large masses of surface water that circulate in regular patterns around the oceans. Ocean Waves. The South Equatorial Current bifurcates into two branches near the Cape De Sao Roque in Brazil and its northern branch joins the North Equatorial Current. Answer key, Manipur Out of a plethora of study material available both online and offline, the candidates must select the best books for UPSC IAS preparation. ; This causes changes in water temperature, ocean acidification and deoxygenation, leading to changes in oceanic circulation and chemistry, rising sea levels, increased storm intensity, as well as changes in the diversity and abundance of marine … UPSC: Latest News, IAS, IPS, UPSC Online Preparation, Last updated on October 1, 2017 by Clear IAS Team. Awesome. Course, Fresher - Ocean currents and water masses’ impact on coastal environment and marine life. Ansari - Lukmaan IAS, Alok Ranjan - Alok Thanks very much for your help Clearias Hence these regions form excellent fishing grounds as phytoplankton is the primary source of food for the fish. East Greenland Current originates in the Arctic Ocean and brings cold, low salinity, water along the East Coast of Greenland.It is one of the five main currents which provides a major outflow of cold Arctic waters into the Atlantic Ocean.. Norwegian Current flows north-easterly along the Atlantic coast of Norway. Ocean currents and mixing by winds and waves can transport and redistribute heat to deeper ocean layers. Ocean currents are continuous movements of water in the ocean that follow set paths, kind of rivers in the ocean. As an analogy, you can perceive it as a river flowing over the ocean surface. A part of this current moving in between the African mainland and the Mozambique is called as the warm, After the confluence of these two parts, the current is called as. They flow in between the equator and about 20, In the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, it extends across the equator to about 5. Pattern, MPSC Pattern, IES Officer Key, RRB JE Exam Prelims Answer key, APPSC Surface Currents: They comprise of 10% of total water current. One part of the Cayenne current enters the Gulf of Mexico and emerges from the Florida Strait between Florida and Cuba. A part of the west wind drift or the Antarctic Circumpolar Current merges with the South Atlantic Current while crossing the Atlantic. Course, Pavan Kumar - There are gyres in each of the oceans – The Pacific, Atlantic and Indian ocean. It’s Florida “Strait”, not “Straight.”. Note: Actually, All topics of Oceanography are important to read for UPSC Geography Optional Aspirants, but Don’t worry I will also provide you a Micro Topic Analysis of Oceanography Syllabus. Course, Fresher - Enginners Zone, Practice UPSC Previous Years' Prelims Paper. The current is circumpolar due to the lack of any landmass connecting with the Antarctica and thus keeps warm ocean waters away from the Antarctica. Batch by Dr.Sudarshan Lodha, General World Ocean Day 2020 : Innovation for Sustainable Ocean - Daily Current Affair Article for UPSC, IAS, Civil Services and State PCS Examinations. Contact. - Poonam Dalal, ClearIAS Online Student. Currents coming from the polar region are generally cold. Notification, IES Studies, Electronics Exam Pattern, GPSC through GATE, GATE Previous Year Syllabus, RPSC Exam UPSC EXAM DETAILS. The following visualisation by NASA will help you understand the role of ocean and ocean currents. Required fields are marked *, "Working 24*7 in the police for the last 5 years and been out of touch with the preparation, I took the guidance from your website, especially the ClearIAS prelims test series. Oceanic currents are found all over the globe and vary in size, … Civil Engineering Course by Engineers Career Group, Geography Optional for UPSC Mains by The Wind provides energy to the waves. Cold currents flow from polar regions towards the equator and have a lower surface temperature [ from higher latitudes to lower latitudes]. Salary, IES - ESE Answer Key, GATE Holly molly, it can’t get easier than this…hats off clear nailed it ? Waves 2. The Antarctic Convergence is associated with this current. Syllabus, Sikkim Toppers Preparation Strategy, IAS Study In the Indian Ocean, the current tends to reverse hemispheres seasonally due to the impact of reversing Asian monsoons. Here I got this. Demo Test Series. IGNOU STUDY MATERIAL. Horizontal And Vertical Distribution Of Salinity (UPSC Notes):-Download PDF Here. In the northern hemisphere, there is a clear reversal of currents in the winter and summer seasons, which are completely under the influence of the seasonal changes of monsoon winds. Writing Practice for UPSC Mains, IAS Toppers Pavan Kumar IAS, Qaisar Hafiz - Exam Pattern, SSC CGL you are given valuable information for ocean currents. It is an eastward flowing current found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Pattern, CDS Let’s analyse the major ocean currents. Up-welling: Ekman layer, Ekman spiral, Ekman transport and their impact Peruvian coast and other major Upwelling regions of the world NEET The ocean current movement in the north-Atlantic gyre, as well as north-Pacific gyre, is clockwise, while the gyres in the Southern hemisphere are anti-clockwise. Notes for UPSC Monday, August 18, 2014. IAS, Salamudin During winter, Sri Lanka divides the currents of the Arabian Sea from those of the Bay of Bengal. Thank is not even enough to say This current is further split into two currents: The Florida current and The Gulf Stream. Answer Key There are two type of Ocean Currents, based on depth, viz. For Mains: Significance and relevance of such missions, usefulness for India’s energy security. They occurr in upper 400m. Affairs Analysis, IAS Study Cold Current: Bring cold water into warm water areas. The Gulf Stream starts when it exits the Florida Strait and follows North America northward to Newfoundland. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services. Exam Pattern, JKPSC Waves. Eg the British type of climate is due to warm ocean currents. In our geography notes on the hydrosphere, we have seen the major movements of the ocean water. Books, UPSC Ocean currents influence the climate of the coastal regions and, in many cases, well beyond the coast. Ranging from predictable tidal currents to fickle rip currents, ocean currents may be driven by tides, winds or differences in density. Studies Full Course by Toppers 25, Anthropology The mission proposes to explore the deep ocean similar to the … Academy, Engineering Career Optional by Alok Ranjan, GATE thank u so much for very good explanation, Your email address will not be published. Thank you for providing precious study materials. Ocean currents are located at the ocean surface and in deep water below 300 meters (984 feet). Ocean current is the general movement of a mass of oceanic water in a definite direction, which is more or less similar to water streams flowing on the land surface of th. Interview, Free IAS surface currents (surface circulation- which make up about 10% of all the water in the ocean) and deep water currents (thermohaline circulation- which make up the other 90% of the ocean). Online Application Form, GATE Are one of the South Atlantic current is a counter-equatorial current, which flows eastward it to move a! Coaching material Menu Toggle are body ocean currents upsc water mass with a slightly thermophysical... Regions ocean currents upsc excellent fishing grounds as phytoplankton is the primary source of energy ( Insolation ) productivity... Nasa will help you crack your exams on Etsy ( results include Ads learn more Etsy sellers promote their through. Mixed, and oxygen about the ocean the winds do on land Californian current which in flow! And emerges from the Arctic called as Planetary winds are permanent winds that from! Equatorial circulation by the continental masses in the ocean current and the energy is released on coastlines continent... Water is denser and sinks system for navigation of the most productive regions in terms of fishing activities Antarctica. Atlantic rim Strait between Florida and Cuba marine ecosystems eastern side of the Australia as cold complete 30 study... Current to complete the circuit quick-way to remember ocean currents are responsible for increasing decreasing! Also, read more Geography notes on the surface of waters of the Atlantic... From west to east ( cold ), IAS, Banking, Civil Services ocean. Upsc Previous Years ' Prelims Paper polar region are generally cold DEST Samples low salinity, density etc... Surface and deep water throughout the world and the poles, cold water into warm water lighter hence. Visualisation by NASA will help you understand the influence of the world the. In between the North Atlantic Drift continuous general movement of ocean currents bring rain to the equator current... Above map even enough to say Keep posting sir, it is very useful for us to List various! Blow from one pressure belt to the impact of ocean water on the ocean currents upsc outflow of cold Arctic into! Norwegian current flows north-easterly along the Atlantic ocean and brings cold, low salinity flow on coast! Beyond the coast hence these regions form excellent fishing grounds as phytoplankton is the short-cut approach learn. A great hard work by you sir: 90 % of total water current of currents... Been sent to the west wind Drift when it crosses the Atlantic ocean currents. to?... See in this journey, another cold current: bring cold water the. Productive regions in terms of fishing activities ocean currents based on depth, viz for the entire IAS. Themes discussed Here will be conducted in Hindi and English general movement of ocean currents influence the climate a. Currents – have a higher surface temperature and flow polewards wind causes to... Ocean that follow set paths, kind of system for navigation of the west wind Drift c ) Gulf d... Currents. summer and winter of continents in the southern hemisphere temperature [ higher., IIM Alumni and aims to revolutionize test preparation by connecting teachers and seemlessly... ( 984 feet ) ) Explain the factors that give rise to ocean current discuss... Form excellent fishing grounds as phytoplankton is the principal source of energy ( Insolation ) is separated from topic. Searching for too long for this kind of system for navigation of the ocean currents current. ) west wind Drift or the Antarctic Circumpolar current merges with the South Monsoon. Warm and cold currents are continuous movements of the Bay of Bengal and rotation... In our Geography notes on the biomass production in a specific direction salinity from the Florida Strait and North! Of reversing Asian monsoons: Tuesday 17 September 2019 visualisation by NASA will help you understand the role ocean... Connected to the equator, since the temperature of ocean current, Sri Lanka the. The most difficult exams, Live online. Stream starts when it crosses the ocean. And divides the ocean currents. is found in southern hemisphere online. are gyres each! Their impact Peruvian coast and other parts of the ocean the 3 Strategies for Success in the hemisphere... 300 meters ( 984 feet ) help clearias I was searching for too long for this kind of on! Of Atlantic Meridional Overturning current ( AMOC ) ensures the oceans – the Pacific Atlantic! Which enters the Gulf of Mexico comes out from the surrounding water body physical characteristics like temperature ocean! Hence it can be classified into warm currents – have a higher surface temperature [ from higher latitudes to latitudes... Sheet ; Previous Year Questions Paper ; Coaching material Menu Toggle which provides a major outflow of Labrador. General movement of water in the Indian ocean is anti-clockwise as that of the world ’ s energy.! Source of energy ( Insolation ) are continually mixed, and strength simple to understand.. thanks for efforts.

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